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Confused about the value of a home improvement project?

Confused about the value of a home improvement project?

Choosing a home improvement project is a major decision with many questions that need to be answered. One essential question is whether you get an ROI on your home upgrade. Three common improvement projects include remodeling or finishing a basement, kitchen remodels and bathroom, take a look at the ROI.

The average kitchen remodel cost comes in at just above $20,000, according to a national survey conducted by

The range for kitchen remodels is about $4,900 to more than $49,000.
The average cost for bathroom remodels is between $6,000 and $14,000
Basement remodels average about $18,000, according  national figures from HomeAdvisor.

Every home and every market is different. I’d be happy to talk about your home and how a home improvement project of any room could help you increase the value of your home. If you need a trusted professional to get the project done, I’m connected to some of the best contractors in the area. Give me a call, text or message on Facebook. I’d be happy to help. 



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